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Hi everyone!  Had to step back for awhile to get myself together and explored options.  Was diagnosed 2/21/18 and did not get treated yet. I know that I am crazy for waiting but had to try some alternative options first.  I feel well and look well except that Forest has reared his head and he is causing me lots of pain.  Fortunately,  had all repeat testing done last week PET, MRI, US and still at stage T2 N0 M0.  I have decided to proceed with chemo/radiation and will start in 2 to 3 weeks. Have a good team working with me.  Thank u for all your support and will keep all posted as treatment draws near.  I'm very scared and depressed about it but have no other choice because of the pain.  Would love to get some input about managing symptoms during treatment especially if anyone experienced hand and foot syndrome with Xeloda.

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I’m glad you’re starting treatment - I hope you breeze through - make sure to look at Helen’s webpage for info to help you through treatment!
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THank you Julie!! see "www.analcancerhelp.info" heading for seven years now.
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My husband is in late stage pancreatic cancer. He is receiving 5 FU therapy. The best medicine to manage chemo side effects is a good strong Canabis oil. He takes a tiny dose of CBD in the morning, there is no psychoactive effect. It doesn't make you high but helps with nausea, alertness and appetite. Late afternoon he takes the oil again but a different strain, called THC. This allows him to have dinner and snack afterwards but does have psychoactive effects. This means it makes you high but he goes to bed at 8 pm so THC allows him to sleep better. We were never drug users but this is a serious and effective medication. I don't know where you live but it is legal for medical purposes in several sates.
Yes, during my time exploring options, I did apply to become medical marijuana patient and has access to cannabis. Will keep your suggestions in mind
Hi there, you'll be through the treatment before you know it-honestly it will fly by. Waiting is worse: when it starts you are actually doing something. I was on Xeloda, but didn't get hand and food syndrome, or mouth ulcers either. The cannabis oil is probably worth trying, I didn't but I would have liked to try. Be kind to yourself and take pain medication, cannabis or whatever!
I'm glad you have decided to go ahead with chemo/radiation. It really does have a high rate of success. You will get lots of support here, so keep us posted once you begin treatment and have specific questions about side effects. We will help you through this.
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I am glad you are getting treatment. Cancer is so hard to treat with alternative treatments. I know it has worked for some. Keep us posted on you progress.
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Am glad you decided to go ahead with treatment. Do look into the positive rainbow at the end of the storm. Big hug for support as you go ahead!
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Sometimes it takes a bit to get your head around something like this. I credit Helens website for getting me through the six weeks so successfully. Having a great team is critical too! While not an easy treatment it has a finite protocol time and highly successful outcomes.
Sorry your in this position. You can do this. I was very scared also. Here are the best hints I got. If you get a port put in wear a sports bra 24/7 for the first week. Chew ice like crazy while you get Mitomycin chemo it helps with mouth sores. Get numbing gel to mix with aquaphor to put on the burns. That’s all I can think of right now. You can get passed this. Prayers and hugs to you.
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