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Weekend finally here and so happy for break.  Saw oncologist WED had blood work, WBC decreased by half.  Was given IV fluids for hydration.  Saw RAD DR. Thursday and was warned that I have 1 more week of respite then burns will rear ugly heads. Today, felt very weak again and pain below got worst too.  Noticed that I am voiding more than usual and a lot.  Trying to keep up with fluids.  Loss 5 pounds since treatment started now 100.2.  Have a good weekend everyone.   My family will be arriving from West Coast 9/11 to help with things so will be nice to see them

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Annabelle threw a punch at your cancer.
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Sounds like things are going ok so far - glad you were able to get the fluids. I’m glad your family is coming - my sisters were such a help and it just makes the time pass more quickly when you have someone new to talk to every day - helps take your mind off treatments and pain! Good luck this next week, and I hope your dad onc is wrong about the burns and pain🙅🏻‍♀️
I hope you feel better and I'm glad your family is coming to support you. I've actually been having the flip side and very constipated and also have lost 12 pounds (probably high from water retention that I was having before being diagnosed which I"m convinced is because of cancer). Stay strong my friend.
U mentioned "flip side" can u elaborate? Just curious about all that u have been experiencing.
I actually feel 90% normal, just tired easily. What I meant by the flip side is that I am constipated (vs. voiding frequently) and have to take Colax to keep my digestive system working. This is a side affect from the anti-nausea meds.

That's about all the side effects that I'm feeling this week.
Make sure to have a plan to take your mind of the treatment. Your family can help you think of what would help once they are back home. What saved me? Downton Abby!!! Everyone had seen it but me. Did it ever help. Hang in there, I was a stage 4 and I’m still here two years after 2 years of this ugly war that went on in my body.
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That is wonderful! I am also glad that u are also here to support me
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I got the weight back to normal. It takes time but don’t worry.
Same thing happened to me, except my WBC went to .7. Was given neulasta shot and my count “shot” up to 12! I felt great for a few days! Also the weight loss for me too: went from ~103 to 89, but I did gain it back gradually after treatment. Soldier on and DO insist on solutions to pain! Recticare (5% lidocaine) got me through it...
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Wow that was dangerous! One of the doctors from Sloan said that prior to the advent of Xeloda, most everyone had to be hospitalized at least once during treatment for transfusions or other complications but the Xeloda decreased this quite a bit.
Very interesting! Yes, that 5FU lived up to it’s name...
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It was the 5th week for me when I felt the burns. I took the pain meds and slept a lot. I received IV fluids three times a week for the last two weeks of treatment. My husband took good care of me. I am glad your family is coming to help out.
I am happy your family is coming to be there for you.

thinking of you, wishing/hoping the best for you
I hope you had a restful weekend. Hang in there!
Just hang in there. The treatment is rough but it’s over in a fairly quick time. Then the healing begins!
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Cancer can be managed and cured.

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Plant based diet. IV vitamin C infusion. Homeopathic treatments.

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