TX 8, 9

Was feeling good the weekend with no treatments, just pain.  Completed TX 8 today.  Finally, the tumor pain subsided and I began feeling a little burning in the perineum/perirectal areas.  Eating well thank God.  I figured out that it helps to stay hydrated if I would drink water each time I urinate so my dizziness is minimal now.  Funny thing is that I am craving salty and spicy foods.  Made a mistake and ate spicy Korean ramen noodles,  a big bowl of it..boy did I pay for it afterwards.   Spent the whole day miserable with a pit in my stomach. I knew better but told myself to eat if I crave it to prevent further weight loss.  Not too smart right? Won't be doing that again!

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Yes, there is a balancing act for sure. I had no appetite at all during my treatment so anything I could eat, I did. But you’ll find a balance my friend. You’re on your way and it will be over soon.
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Glad to hear your appetite was good. Learning which foods do best for you can be tricky. Keep on counting those days down.
I still drink water every time I go to the bathroom. A habit I picked up during treatment.
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I craved salty foods too, which was a change from my usual sweet tooth. Hash browns with extra salt tasted great! I’m glad the tumor pain is subsiding, and good job on the drinking fluids. The treatment will be over before you know it!
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Glad to hear you have an appetite and good for you for staying hydrated (so important)! I ate ice cream every day for about 5 months straight!
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We keep two unopened 16 oz bottles of water in our bathroom at night. By morning, my husband has drank both, overnight. He gets up several times a night to pee and drinks a glass each time. Almost eliminated the dizziness completely. Hydration is the key, and it's good for all of your organs that are certainly under stress right now. Keep up the good work.
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What to eat was a real issue for me. Sometimes something would sound good until it was cooked and ready to eat, when I found I no longer wanted it. Hang in there. It sounds like you are doing well, all in all!
My doctor told me I could eat ice cream every day so I did!
Well you have learned a lot from the spicy ramen noodles. You won't have those for a while! I always thought that cravings were what the body needs, and would not harm you, seems that isn't always the case. I was pretty careful with food and stuck to mostly home cooked comfort foods. And chocolate. That helped me keep my weight stable (so I tell myself!). Sorry about the burning, but it will get worse before it gets better. Look after your skin down there, it will help.
Yes, drink tons of water. I didn't eat much and what I did, didn't seem to absorb into my system. I'd lost 40 lbs. before I knew I had cancer. Thought it was my dieting, but probably not. Then I lost another 20 lbs. during treatment. It took quite a while, but I finally gained 20 of the 60 back.
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You’re doing great! I put a big X through each day of the calendar marking off the treatment days. It was my countdown! Celebrations for 1/4 way through, 1/3 of the way through.
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